Bronze Transmission Discs

The term ‘Bronze’ is used due to the appearance of the material; this is due to the high copper content of the composite. Also present in the composite are a number of raw materials such as copper powder, various metal powders and friction material. The production process involves the mixture of the powders, then moulding it into a mass using heat & pressure also know as sintering. Once the material is sintered to the steel core plate it’s then machined for the final thicknesses & groove patterns. Bronze materials are suitable for use in both wet & dry applications. These are typically found in applications such as power take-off clutches, marine gearbox, master clutches & steering clutches & auxiliary machinery. The following are properties that are associated with this type of material:

> Good thermal stability
> Good wear resistance
> High and stable coefficient of friction
> High mechanical strength

Parameter Wet Application Dry Application
  • Dynamic Coefficient (μd)
  • Static Coefficient (μs)
  • Wear Rate (λ)
  • Conditions of
  • 0.04 – 0.09
  • >= 0.10
  • <= 1.0x10-8cm3/J
  • Specific Pressure: <= 9MPa Linear Velocity: <= 40m/s Oil Temperature: <= 200 ºC
  • >= 0.35
  • >= 0.40
  • < 2.0x10-8cm3/J
  • Specific Pressure: <= 4MPa Linear Velocity: <= 30m/s
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