In recent years, centrifugal brakes are increasingly common and are the ideal choice for applications that require an effective, failsafe and easily customisable emergency braking solution. They can also provide a means of preventing over-speed or runaway events where safety is often the main consideration.

Centrifugal brakes are often used as emergency-stop braking, secondary brakes for failsafe runaway or speed-restricting systems and are found in such applications as conveying systems, overhead cranes, rigging, elevators, wind turbines and heavy material handling as well as some transport mechanisms, hangar doors and even premium fishing reels. Their main advantage over conventional brakes is that they operate without an external operating mechanism requiring no input. Their normal operation is effected by the over-speed itself so no external input is normally required and there is scope to incorporate various functions and parameters into the design process as well as experimenting with different materials to make adjustments to refine aspects of the function.

At Industrial Friction Materials we offer a wide range of industrial services and our workshops are staffed by trained employees and experienced management that can confidently meet your needs. We can help in the design process, manufacture small or large batches, reline or repair/replace existing centrifugal brakes in small or large quantities depending on the design and type of application.

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Many large and small companies across the UK use Industrial Friction Materials for their centrifugal brake orders and we offer them a complete service. This includes a design service, rapid custom development and integration as well as ongoing consultation, support, repairs and maintenance where required.