Industrial Friction Materials Ltd manufacture and supply internal & external gear toothed friction discs. Our gear cut discs offer the tightest of tooth tolerances available in the industry. The latest, technically advanced high quality materials we use offer the best available properties to ensure consistent and reliable results and can sometimes offer improvements over original equipment.

Gear cut discs are used in applications such as motors and clutches. We manufacture and supply replacement gear cut discs for manufactures such as AP, Clark, Desch, Taylor, Transfluid, Twin Disc, & Wichita etc as well as making replacement discs to suit individual or batch requirements from designs or existing parts. Sizes range from 1” to 26” in diameter & from 0.5mm to 65mm in thickness.

We have used our experience and expertise to improve numerous applications which were underperforming. For example, in the field of robotics we have been able to replace gear cut disc parts of the servo-motor which previously had to be replaced as a complete unit (at great expense). This represents a significant saving in cost and downtime for this particular production application. We can bring this experience and expertise to your application to provide cost savings or make improvements in function or wear rate of an application which has a gear toothed friction disc.

There is no substitute for experience, so when you order your gear cut discs from us, you can feel confident that you are getting quality products that do the job all the time. We use the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and performance and we provide bespoke solutions to meet the everyday need of your applications.