Built for marine, agriculture, cranes, steel and wire industries with quality parts giving good service life, Industrial Friction Materials brake bands are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. We can supply & reline small one off 3” long boat brake bands or vast amounts of large 400” crane & ship bands in woven or moulded material.

We have a wealth of experience supplying many industries in the UK and abroad and we manufacture our brake bands to your specific requirements. We can supply you with simple, compact or rugged bands and we manufacture them to provide consistent performance and provide the required braking/wear characteristics to suit or improve the application.

Brake Bands by Industrial Friction

Brake bands by Industrial friction undergo a full refurbishment service that includes:

Removal – removal of the old linings is the first process in preparation for restoring the brake band to maximum performance.

Cleaning – We clean and prepare the surface of the brake band.

Lining – The lining kit is fitted which helps the tightening around a cylindrical piece of equipment.

Bonding – The band is bonded to OEM quality friction material with thermosetting adhesive or riveting or both.

Finishing – The band is cleaned up and metal surface prepared to customers requirements.

Inspection – Finally we inspect the bands to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

We also supply brake bands from CAD drawings or samples complete to your specifications.

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To learn more about our brake band manufacturing and relining service, contact us on 02920 499111 or via email at [email protected] and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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