Industrial Friction Materials Ltd supply and manufacture friction rings in a wide variety of materials which are normally available from our wide range of stock. We can supply individual or large batches to our customers from simple dimensions over the phone, CAD drawings, samples & specifications that they provide as well as refurbishing individual components or whole machines as required. We offer an over the counter service for many types of smaller (e.g.agricultural) machine where friction rings require replacement and can achieve a quick turnaround to keep downtime to a minimum.

The latest, high quality friction materials we use offer improvements which will normally provide an increase in performance or wear rate over our competitors and we supply a large customer base including large organizations, small businesses and individuals.

Friction rings are used in applications such as stabilisers, torque limiters, dampers etc which are used in motors and clutches including safety and slip clutches. They are common in lawn mowers and rotovators as well as servo motors and electro-magnetic clutches in many machines.

You can rely on Industrial Friction to provide a complete service whether it is supply of small or large batches, repair or refurbishment of machines or components which use friction rings. We take pride in our work and have experienced and professional staff to meet your needs and we are very resourceful in solving problems with any friction application.

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