Cone clutches or friction cone clutches have in the past been common in cars and other engine transmissions. Today, they are more commonly used in low peripheral speed applications and at Industrial Friction we supply clients who use them in specialist transmissions like racing and rally cars as well as other extreme off-road racing vehicles where power and speed are the priority. We supply and repair or reline cone clutches for vintage and classic vehicles or machinery.

Our cone clutches are also used in power boats because the clutch does not have to be pushed in all the way and the gears will be changed quicker. They are additionally found in synchromesh gearboxes and a number of other applications.

How it Works

A friction cone clutch has conical friction material acting against a mating concentric conical metal surface (cup). Drive is obtained by bringing the two together along the axis. They are used to connect or disconnect the source of power from engine to the transmission or direct to the driveshaft, where they have an advantage that they provide high performance in a smaller diameter than an equivalent plate clutch.

They work on the basis of frictional forces developed from two or more surfaces being in contact. They can be used at high engagement speeds and give relatively smooth engagement due to the gradual increase in transmitted torque.

Also, their friction surfaces can slip during engagement which enables the operator to pickup and accelerate the load with minimum shock. We are able to supply, repair and reline any type by using our wide experience in adapting modern materials to often obsolete equipment.

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