At Industrial Friction Materials we manufacture and reline a vast range of brake shoes for a wide range of vehicle and machinery applications. In our production facility we can manufacture or reline one-offs or pairs of brake shoes or batches of thousands in a production run. For specialist applications our decades of friction experience make us an ideal choice to source or manufacture obscure or obsolete parts or to make improvements in the performance of existing braking systems.

How it worksBrake shoes in most cases work internally or externally against a rotating surface (usually a drum) and are operated by hydraulic or electric or hand operated actuators which bring them into contact. These generally were the most common type of brakes in motor vehicles a few years ago although with the advent of ABS the disc and pad system is now increasingly common. Brake shoes are also found in numerous applications in on/off road vehicles, cranes, ships as well as countless types of industrial machinery.

About usIn our production facility we can reline, repair or remanufacture from scratch anything from small motorcycle shoes, up to large crane or marine shoes. We specialise in obscure and unusual brake shoes where original equipment is no longer available or where the cost is prohibitive.Our decades of hands-on experience enables us to provide solutions where others run out of ideas.Please contact us by the methods below to discuss your requirements for brake shoes, we will endeavour to provide the best solution for your needs.

MOD Brake Shoes

Industrial Friction Materials Ltd offer a complete friction relining service for all types of brake shoes using thermal bonding or riveting processes. We reline brake shoes for Military Of Defence (MOD) vehicles such as armoured personnel carriers, anti tank vehicles, amphibious vehicles, & unmanned vehicles etc.

Classic Vehicle Brake Shoes

We have a vast amount of experience relining brake shoes for vintage & classic vehicles such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Norton, Triumph, & BSA. We supply classic car restoration companies & classic car owners which we have had great feedback from. A lot of the classic brake shoes where made out of aluminium with riveted asbestos based linings.

Commercial Brake Shoes

We reline brake shoes for all commercial vehicles including forklifts, trucks, trailers, & buses for a large range of industrial sectors.

Performance Brake Shoes

With the emergence of such countries as China & India the relining of brake shoes for modern road vehicles is not financially viable unless our expertise is needed for performance purposes such as race track, competition, & rally applications. Industrial Friction Materials Ltd offers a vast amount of stock exchange brake shoes. If we cannot reline an existing shoe due to un-repairable damage we have the facility to manufacture a new one from a pattern, using precisely matched components which meet or exceed the original specification.

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