At Industrial Friction we specialize in established and cutting edge friction applications, including renewable energy. Since many forms of converting kinetic energy into electrical power have rotors with gearboxes, brakes and clutches are also required to prevent over-speed and adapt to variables in the generating process, as well as turning off the rotor/propulsion when required. Centrifugal rotors which convert the power of the wind into renewable energy through an electrical generator, whether they have a vertical or horizontal axis, require maintenance and periodic replacement of wind turbine brake pads which we are well placed to supply.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility uses the latest equipment and has the capacity to manufacture wind turbine brake pads which far exceed original specification and give significant improvements in performance and wear life over original spec due to the latest manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control processes.

Whilst there are many companies offering cheap far eastern imported pads which have equivalent specification to original equipment, our focus, as always is to use our vast experience to ensure the latest cutting edge materials and processes to provide the best product available today, giving our clients significant improvement in wear and performance. In the case of wind turbines, reduced maintenance and longer wear life provide huge advantages due to the difficult nature of access and cost of downtime.

Our many blue-chip clients bear testimony to our capabilities and we have been able to bring our knowledge and expertise to make improvements which provide significant benefit to them in many areas where friction is part of the function of a machine or process.

We are able to supply replacement Wind Turbine brake pads including Antec, Brembo, Coremo, Dellner, Hagglunds, Pintsch, Sime, Svenborg, Twiflex.

Where a particular installation may be having issues we are best placed to find a solution as most of the technology from a friction point of view is within our remit of experience and knowledge.

We have been involved in resolving issues for Wind farms connected to the National grid, where our expertise has proved invaluable in resolving issues as with all new technology, evolution and adaptation throws up challenges.