Industrial Friction Materials Ltd we manufacture and supply friction cones in all sizes. We manufacture the friction cones from moulded or woven friction materials which are normally available from stock to keep downtime to a minimum. Our friction cones offer the tightest of radial tolerances in the industry. The high quality materials we use offer higher strength & durability that outperform our competitors. These are used in applications such as overhead cranes and centrifugal clutches.

We take pride in our decades of experience in the various types of friction applications and we can offer advice and expertise to resolve issues with friction related applications. Though our majority of clients are large industrial organisations we are always trying to keep up to date with new materials and processes in high-tech industries and new projects and can offer invaluable expertise in improving function.

Contact us to find out more about our friction cones and how we are able to manufacture and supply them according to your specifications. Safety and efficiency are of paramount importance in our manufacturing process and we aim to provide a service which exceeds your expectations.