Industrial Friction Materials Ltd supplies a large variety of woven materials which are made from yarns of organic and inorganic fibres that are spun with brass or copper wire which improves thermal conductivity and strength. These yarns are spun into a tightly woven dense tape or cloth which is then saturated with heat resistant resins and friction modifiers. After baking and surface grinding these materials it can be made into rolls and sheets. The characteristics include outstanding rapid break in, flexibility and the ability to perform under such contaminants as oil & mud.

Woven Rolls

Woven roll materials are very flexible. They have a high friction level and are used in heavy duty applications such as winches, oil rigs, & elevators. The complete range of all our woven roll materials are made from non-asbestos material.

Woven Sheets

Woven sheet materials are of rigid composition with excellent fade and recovery characteristics. It is supplied ground on both sides. Woven sheet materials are suitable for gear facings, clutch facings, cone friction and can be used in virtually all industrial applications.

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