Industrial Friction Materials Ltd supplies a large variety of moulded materials with coefficients of friction ranging from 0.15 to 0.60 in various sizes of sheet and roll. We carry large stocks to provide a quick turn-around for a wide range of clients and have various types of moulded material including cutting edge material including Kevlar™.

We are able to cut the moulded materials from sheet and roll to provide smaller sizes which reduces waste and therefore cost. If your requirements are small or large we can tailor a solution for you and can provide an invaluable service where original materials are hard to find or need to be modified to affect performance. Also in Research and Development where one-offs or trial samples are required, access to various friction materials and sizes enables us to be a great resource for many clients and we further assist with extensive knowledge gained over many years.

Our moulded materials do not contain asbestos and meet the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. Our materials are common in an extremely wide variety of applications and are the first choice for many of our blue chip clients as well as individuals and small businesses and pride ourselves on our competence and the quality of our service.

Moulded Rolls

Moulded rolls are made from a blend of ingredients including thermosetting resins, reinforcing fibres, rubber particles and friction modifiers. The mix is prepared in a pasty consistency and then roll formed in a unique process. The materials are then semi -cured so that they can be formed to fit shoes, bands, etc. The products can be finish cured in an oven or they will service cure in their applications. These moulded rolls cover most of the light and medium duty dry friction applications.

Moulded Sheets

Moulded sheets are made from a blend of dry ingredients including thermosetting resins, reinforcing fibres and friction modifiers. The materials are moulded under heat and pressure to provide excellent performance in the type applications they are intended for. Generally these moulded sheets have the highest strength, the best high temperature performance and the most durability of the conventional friction material line.

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