Steel mating plates also known as counter or opposing plates are used both in dry & wet applications. When used in a dry application the steel mating plate is the reaction surface which when in unison with the friction material has a coefficient of friction up to 0.90 during engagement. When used in a wet application also known as oil immersed the oil molecules get trapped in-between the steel mating plate & the friction material. Once oil immersed the surface roughness of the steel mating plate in unison with the texture of the friction material has a coefficient of friction up to 0.15 during engagement. There are three main factors to consider before mating the steel plates & friction plates that are crucial to each independent application such as the steels quality, hardness & the surface roughness has to be compatible with the opposing friction plates. Processes such as blackodising & induction hardening are used to achieve this. We can supply all kinds of sizes, geometry & spline of steel mating plates. The following are properties that are associated with this type of material:

  • High precision of geometry dimensions
  • Stable coefficient of friction
  • Good non-deformability
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Material Hardness Angularly (mm)
IF45ML 37 - 47 Φ100 – Φ250 0.10
IF65ML 45 - 50 Φ250 – Φ350 0.15
Φ350 – Φ450 0.25
Φ450 – Φ550 0.30