At Industrial Friction we offer a complete relining service for any type of brake pad. In many cases it is more economical to replace brake pads but where replacements are obsolete or hard to obtain we provide a complete brake pad relining service.

In addition to relining obsolete or rare items, where requested, we also can bring our decades of experience in friction to reline brake pads using alternative materials or processes to attain improvements in performance or extending the service life of your brake pads. We have had success in this area for car and motorcycle restorers, rally teams, go-karts, Agricultural vehicles and machinery, light aircraft, Industrial machinery, and the like.

Our reputation has been earned over many years and we take pride in being the trusted brake pad relining expert to many clients from individuals to large blue-chip companies. We are the go-to service for brake pad relining in South Wales and the U.K.

We carry large stocks of various types of friction material and rivets for brake pads so that we can offer a quick turnaround to minimise the downtime of your vehicle or machine. We offer an over the counter service or delivery through the courier network.Feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements for brake pad relining we will be happy to assist you.